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One of the unique things about TMCI is that we not only have churches, but we also have many para-church ministries, such as food ministries, prison ministries, biker ministries, chaplains, Christian counselors, thrift stores, and Christian schools, to name just a few., and although you are connected with TMCI, you have complete independence to run your ministry as God is leading you.

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The Missionary Church International, TMCI, is a fast-growing organization reaching around the world. TMCI, for over 30 years, has fulfilled this simple mandate from God: to empower men and women around the world to fulfill the calling God has on their lives by ordaining them and providing credentials recognized world-wide, and for United States-based ministries giving a 501(c)(3) - nonprofit status. 

​Do you want to be a part of expanding the Kingdom of God around the world?  We can do it together! You can click the “Join TMCI”  button for more information and the next steps. You will be able to process your application online.​

 ... to "get Heaven into people and people into Heaven" 

TMCI has ministries on every continent except Antarctica and, at this time, over 50 missionaries serving in foreign countries.

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