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  • Haitian Schools
  • Africa General Donations
  • Cook, Jen - JTTN
  • Dodd, Joy - JTTN
  • Dominican Republic Schools LaVega
  • Equipping (Khouri)
  • Goonza
  • Hope Ireland Missions
  • Johnsons, Tim and Trena
  • Liberia
  • Martinez, Mitch and Debbis (DR)
  • Martinez, Joshua (DR)
  • ​Mexico
  • Pakistan Gospel Assoc.
  • ​Prayer Surge Now: Dai Sup Hahn
  • Reyes, Jim - Mexico
  • Ruthie Martinez Children's Fund
  • UFA - Stas Karpenko
  • Varga, Robert and Joy
  • Wiggins, Richard
  • Wilson, Doug
  • Wyss, Antoine
  • ​Walker Ministries

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Be sure you type the name of the Missionary in the PURPOSE or NOTE , so we will designate funds to the correct missionary.