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Lord, make the way!
August 10-11, 2018
Cheyenne, Wyoming

Registration: $35.00


Comfort Inn & Suites Meeting Room
201 Fox Farm Road | Cheyenne, WY 82007

Comfort Inn & Suites
201 W. Fox Farm Road
Cheyenne, WY 82007
(307) 514-6052 (307) 514-6051
RATE: Rooms 99.00 + tax = 108.90 per night

To get this special rate be sure to tell them you are attending the TMCI Ministers' Conference.

Get ahold of this!

The Lord is speaking now! “There are coming days of promises that are going to eclipse those promises you already knew about. I’m going to make brand new promises to those who have wrestled with me and those who adore me in their worship! These irrevocable promises won’t simply be like the promises I made to the early followers of God who freed them from bondage where they were imprisoned to anguish, oppression, troubles and distress. I made a promise to free them, but they broke the promise by running directly back into the slavery I brought them out of through their choices and preferring their ways and idols over mine. We were married, but they chose to break that vow they made to me when I married them.

I’m going to make a different kind of promise this time… something that will forever place them in a disposition more eager to follow through on their commitments to me and to others. I’m going to write my ways deep inside of them. I’m going to give them conscience that knows what is good and right and what is evil. They will know me from the inside of themselves and I will become God to them as they reflect on these things, and the will be recognized as people who look like, walk like, talk like and act like me, because they will truly be my family!

It won’t be necessary to try and persuade your friends and neighbors to believe in me in that day, because they will all know me. It will be obvious from the youngest to the oldest, from the witless to the brilliant, from the unemployed to the kings, prime ministers, and presidents… they will all know! They will know because they will be know my forgiveness and that I am not going to be throwing their failures in front of them over and over. They will know I’ve forgotten the past and am holding them strongly to the journey of their future!”

Jeremiah 31:31-34 Modern Awakening Paraphrase by Danny Steyne

Comfort Inn & Suites

Meeting Room
201 Fox Farm Road | Cheyenne, WY 82007


Doors open Friday 6:30

Saturday 9:30

Ladies, Let's Get BOLD for Jesus - USE YOUR Gifts!!

  • What are the Motivational Gifts?

  • What are the Gifts of the Spirit? 

  • What is the difference between a gift and an office?

  • How do you make practical application and enhance and effectively use the gifts and callings of God.

Join us as we share and encourage YOU in your purpose and calling.