July 19-21, 2019 - FOR DETAILS OF THE 2019 INTERNATIONAL TMCI WOMEN'S CONFERENCE IN HARARE, ZIMBABWE: Your Request is Granted: The God Who Sees me, Click here: https://www.tfaforms.com/4741687

You must arrange and pay your own airfare. Notify us of your arrival date and time as soon as you book it, and someone will pick you up in Harare. EMAIL to office@tmcimissions.com

$125.00, non-refundable deposit required for room and board. 
Balance for the number of days you are staying is due on arrival.

DATES: JULY 19-23 - "Your Request is Granted: The God Who Sees Me"
A crusade with Bishop Angie Connor Hicks will follow on the next weekend.

Each person is responsible for booking their own transportation. We have used Mona Mazeed with good results, but we receive no special credit for you using her:

Mention TMCI/Cheryl:
Mona Mazeed: International Travel Expert
E. Mona.Mazeed@MissionNation.com
O. +1 954-906-2049
F. +1 954-697-0203
My office hours M-F are 8:00am-5:00pm Eastern Time

For 2 Sharing a Room Bed & Breakfast each $40 per night
NOT Sharing a Room Bed & Breakfast $70 per night
Upkeep Lunches, Dinner, and Snacks in between $35 per day
Transport for the entire period $40

You will need extra cash for offerings, and for any personal needs or gifts you wish to buy.
Contact Person: Cheryl Coulter at cheryl@tmcimissions.org

The Missionary Church International