As we seek a way for TMCI to help some of those affected, will you consider sending a one-time offering to TMCI designated for “Hurricane Ian Relief”.


TMCI Missionaries booklet

TMCI has 59 missionaries in 39 Countries.

We have representatives on every continent except Antarctica

You can view the list and contacts of TMCI Missionaries here.

Please support our missionaries through prayer and donations. 

Title of the document ... Together, we can help. Donate to our HURRICANE IAN RELIEF FUND with the link on the Home Page ...

Enjoy these few random snapshots of some of our missionaries. 


TMCI is a tax-exempt, nonprofit, organization recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a denomination. However, we operate as a ministry. Exempt group status enables The Missionary Church International to grant Federal tax-exempt status to the churches and ministries affiliated with it as subsidiaries. 

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