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Ordination and Credentials

There are two kinds of ordination: Divine and Human

THE DIVINE is the call of God on one’s life to preach the Gospel - The Savior called and sent the apostles out to preach. “Go ye...”
This ordination is the unction of the Holy Spirit.

 HUMAN ordination is recognizing God's call on a person's 'life and providing credentials sometimes needed for various activities. 

John Wesley said: “When you have the two, the Divine Ordination and the Human Ordination, well and good; but if not (you can only have one), give us the Divine Ordination and let who will have the human.”

The church - properly enough for the sake of order, down through the ages, has licensed and ordained men and women to do the work of the ministry. BUT no Ecclesiastical authority - however high and holy this authority may seem - can make a “minister of God” - the position cannot be purchased as is seen with Simon in Acts 8.

God’s ordination must precede man’s - man’s ordination must follow the Holy action of the Living God.

Various activities can require "proof" that a person is actually an ordained minister of the gospel. This can include:

  • Performing a marriage
  • Prison ministry
  • Hospital Ministry as a minister or chaplain
  • Pastoring a church

These are just examples and the list is not inclusive of what, when, or where you may need credentials to be considered a legitimate minister of the gospel. 

Another benefit is the confirmation and affirmation of friends and family when they gather to formally celebrate and acknowledge the call on your life.

We have not tried to name all the benefits of Ordination. As you walk out your calling you will find things to add to the list for yourself.

May the Lord bless you as you go out, and as you come in.