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The Missionary Church International
P.O.Box 1761
Columbia, South Carolina 29202



A RENEWAL NOTICE IS SENT OUT TO YOUR EMAIL ON RECORD. Please notify us if you have changed your email.



IMPORTANT Information, which may apply to you. Please read.  TMCI functions as a ministry, and as a spiritual covering organization. As a member, you are an AFFILIATE of TMCI. We maintain your activity records. FYI: It is critical that you notify us if you change your email as this is our primary means of communication with you.
Monthly activity reports are required for TMCI  members, and for the IRS to validate you as a nonprofit ministry. 

USA MONTHLY REPORT FYI: We have now automated and personalized your LINK to the Monthly Report process to automatically fill in your basic identity info. The Monthly Report LINK is now sent each month to active members in an email message from TMCI labeled "Here is your TMCI Monthly Report Link".  Watch your email for your personalized link each month!

Your Monthly support commitment may be given online, by mail OR by electronic transfer.
MEMBERSHIP FYI: All NEW membership applications are $150.00; renewal fees are $125.00. 
Foreign Land Citizen Ordination and renewal is $50.00. 

RENEWALS: An ANNUAL RENEWAL NOTICE IS SENT OUT TO YOUR EMAIL ON RECORD. That link is your access to renew. IMPORTANT: Please notify us if you have changed your email. 

NEED HELP WITH A FORM? If you are unable to submit online forms or have a problem with a form, please email us ( and we will assist you. Best practice for your account records with TMCI is the online forms, but if you are unable to use them we will be happy to help you. 

The Missionary Church International