THE NEED for FUNDS to buy FOOD remains great.
Help us feed the people in Africa, India, and Mexico

100 % of every donation goes to THEM - Africa, India, and MEXICO.
​TMCI covers all fees for sending the funds to our trusted leaders there.

Dear Friends,

As you know the COVID 19 pandemic has affected countries throughout the world, and although bans are lifting and cases reducing, a great need exists. THANK YOU to all of you who donated to the first Food Fund. Reports of heartfelt thanks came back to us. Over and over we heard,  "you have saved our lives".

All countries have had some deaths because of the virus, but a bigger problem is due to the devastating economical conditions and people do not have money to buy food. They are starving.

As Bishop Bawa from Zimbabwe told us ... more than half of the population is starving because of the economic crisis COVID 19 has created. It seems that hunger will kill more people than COVID 19.

We are hearing similar things from Africa, India, and Mexico. We would like your help in raising money for food in these countries. It does not take an enormous amount of money to help. For example, in Liberia, just $15 will buy a 25 kg bag of rice (1kilo of rice will make 25 servings).

Please help us feed them. Click the button to donate or mail your donations to TMCI and please put a note that it is for FOOD. We will distribute the money across these countries. Please let us help our brothers and sister in these countries.

Bishop Bob Coulter


PO Box 1761
Columbia SC 29202

When mailing a check be sure to write a note: Food for Africa and India

The Missionary Church International