The Missionary Church International

The Advantages of Joining the Missionary Church International

  • Immediate Federal tax-exemption for your church or ministry. The average waiting period now for the IRS to even consider your application is eighteen months to two years.
  • Ordination for you and/or your leaders.
  • Benefits available to churches and charities, such as state tax exemption (where applicable), special bulk-mail privileges, food bank access, and many others.
  • Access to a network of praying people, many with prophetic gifts who are available to "hold up the hands" of fellow ministers. God has put together a unique group of ministers in the Missionary Church International.
  • Your independence and freedom are maintained. Requirements for membership are limited to those requirements which our Lord would endorse.

Membership Requirements
1. Endorsement and agreement with the (Trinitarian) Statement of  Faith of The Missionary Church International.

2. Commitment to support the work of The Missionary Church International through a credentials or charter contribution.

3. Simple monthly reports stating the number of people ministered to and the number of decisions for Jesus Christ.

4. A pledge to pray for missions and a faith promise to support missions work on a monthly basis.

5. Commitment to continue to study and learn the Bible. The Missionary Church International can recommend low-cost study materials.