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 Aaron Rios is a father of 5 and has been married to his wife Sarah for 18 years. He is the Lead Pastor of Garden City Church located in Beverly, MA, outside of Boston, on the Northshore. His ministry spans over 10 years and in that time he has traveled to multiple countries to minister the gospel both in preaching and in worship. He is an accomplished musician - having been a recording artist prior to serving the Lord, He now records and ministers through worship. Aaron is also an author regularly contributing to blogs and writing for Charisma Magazine and is also a Podcaster. His Podcast, 'Press-On with Aaron Rios', focuses on equipping and encouraging the saints for the work of ministry. Press-On reaches a broad audience and is distributed through the Charisma Podcast Network. 

"My passion for ministry is helping others experience the genuine presence of the Lord. It's in His presence where transformation occurs!" your paragraph here.

His info on his site (https://www.aaronrios.com/) gives a deeper look at just who Aaron is in Christ:

He will quickly define himself as a husband, father, musician, and pastor, but if you prod, he is willing to dive a bit deeper, and in full transparency walk you through his journey of losing passion, focus and eventually departing from his faith, like the prodigal, before violently and powerfully, being redeemed and restored - brought back from the edge.

“In the book of Acts, Saul, while on his mission to eradicate the beginnings of the Christian movement is met by Jesus who is now resurrected, in a powerful, life altering vision.

Paul is doing his own thing when Jesus shows up and meets him.

'HIS OWN THING' in his mind and heart seem to be the right thing - the BETTER thing. He believed he was properly representing his faith in God and demonstrating his faith through his actions and commitment. Little did he realize he was actually opposing God (Acts 26:14). After an incredible encounter with Jesus, his life would be forever changed. Saul is transformed from opposer and persecutor to apostle. He continues to do great exploits for Jesus and the Christian faith, and even pens a majority of the New Testament. From blasphemer, murderer, and opposer of the faith, to missionary to the world, don't tell me God is not able to change a life.

While I am certainly no Saul, I can attest that Jesus is able to transform lives. The first several chapters of my life was marred by error, addiction, brokeness, selfishness, and vanity. Had you asked me if I was a Christian, I would have said yes. I was lost, and didn't know it. I was doing my 'own thing'. But Jesus found me, saved me, delivered me, transformed me and gave me new life!  

My purpose and mission in life and ministry is to introduce people to the living, resurrected Jesus and help people realize that Christianity is more than simple philosophy and religious practices. It is intimacy with Jesus and experiential by nature. You can experience joy, hope, peace, and power! Let's not simply read about what God did in someone else's life, let's discover what God can do in your life!

Jesus never retired from the ministry. He is still opening blind eyes, touching the unclean, delivering people from demonic bondages - setting the captives free, through the power of the Holy Spirit and through lives surrendered to Him. If He did it for me, he will do it for anyone. In the book of 1 Corinthians 2:4 (which was authored by Paul), he writes, "My message and my preaching weren’t presented with convincing wise words but with a demonstration of the Spirit and of power."

I was met by Jesus while I was doing my "own thing", living life with no regard, and in that, I too was doing my part to eradicate the movement of Christ in my own life and in the lives of others through my hypocrisy, poor choices and misrepresentation and dead religion. The way I lived dampened the witness of Jesus all around me. But, one night, I had a powerful life-altering intervention with Jesus that has forever changed me, and placed me on a newfound path and journey. I was born again, delivered and set free! Like Saul, meeting Jesus on the road to Damascus, I too met Jesus on my journey. Together, let's bring Jesus to others on their journey!

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